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Shipping & Refund Policy

Shipping & Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at ACBouquet. We understand that making sure your gift gets to its destination on time and in good condition is important to you. We have created our policy to help us achieve that goal and to help you understand how we ship our gifts.


We can ship to all 50 states with a variety of shipping methods and delivery times. AC Bouquet does not ship their products outside the United States or Canada. Until a gift has shipped, we are unable to guarantee specific times or dates of arrival regardless of the shipping method selected. Estimated shipping times do not include the time to process and create your gift and prepare it for shipping. The majority of our products ship within 1-3 business days M-F excluding Holidays. If the customer wishes to expedite shipping, they are able to pay the "RUSH" fee to ensure that the order is shipped same day. Once a gift has shipped, if our carrier does not meet a guaranteed delivery date, we will refund your premium shipping charge in full. Contact us to request a late delivery refund. We reserve the right to use the following Shipping Carriers: UPS, USPS, FEDX



Our gift baskets are specially made when an order is received and it takes time to make the basket and prepare it for shipping. Orders received before 12:00 PM (noon) that are shipped express can generally be shipped out the same business day. This is our standard procedure and not a guaranteeOrders received after that time and on weekends or holidays are shipped the next business day. Although we place a high priority on getting your order shipped as soon as possible, please note we make no guarantees as large orders, peak holiday season (December 11-December 24), severe weather conditions or other circumstances may sometimes delay shipping.  We have also come upon area where shipping cannot be received overnight.  Such areas are determined by the USPS and not as a result of ACBouquet.  These areas may have a distance that mail needs to be 'trucked' to in addition to the usual route.  Usually these are smaller cities, but may be just the location of the city versus the USPS drop site.



During the warm summer months, due to the unfortunate melting point of chocolates, an ice and insulation charge ($4.95) should be added to all chocolate orders where the destination is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Refunds are not given if chocolates are melted and purchaser opted NOT to purchase ice & insulation. If ice & insulation were included with the package and the product is still melted, purchaser is entitled to a refund or replacement.

During the busy holiday season, many carriers suspend delivery guarantees from December 11 to December 24. Please adjust your shipping method if you have delivery time constraints.



Include the recipient’s name AND room number. Verify recipient's check-out date before selecting your shipping option. We suggest OVERNIGHT or 2ND DAY shipping to hospitals to ensure your package arrives prior to checkout. ACBouquet cannot guarantee the hospital prompt delivery to the recipient. We can only guarantee delivery to the hospital receiving desk. It is up to their receiving department to deliver this package to the specific individual within their facility. Since our products are shipped in boxes (not open vases, like fresh flowers), some hospitals have the packages go through a security check (due to each hospital’s different shipping and receiving policies). This sometimes delays the delivery to the recipient. If the package needs to be delivered to the recipient’s home, there will be an additional delivery charge. Please check with the hospital to see about their security policies prior to placing your order.


HOTEL/MOTEL, COLLEGES,HOSPISES and other such institutions:

Deliveries to institutions normally go to a general receiving department and then get routed to the recipient. It could take an extra day or two for your gift to reach the recipient. It is possible that the gift misses the recipient’s stay at the institution, is not properly forwarded to the recipient, or the institution refuses acceptance of the package. We are unable to guarantee these deliveries and no refunds will be given should you ship to these types of locations. We can only ensure that the gift package is delivered to the institution. If you do ship to one of these institutions, be sure to include the name of the institution in the shipping information.



Delivery times cannot be guaranteed when shipping to a school as each school has it's own shipping and receiving policies. We will guarantee delivery to the school’s receiving desk only. It is up to their department to deliver this package to the specified individual within their facility. Also, please remember that schools generally close between 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. and that UPS, FedEx & USPS have up until close of business day (5 pm) to deliver packages.


Shipping to businesses may cause delivery issues. Packages are normally delivered to a designated receiving dock or front desk area. It is up to the staff to accept and deliver the package to the recipient. In addition, a business may be closed, have restricted access, or the package may be lost or misplaced within the business. We will consider the shipping carrier’s delivery confirmation to the business to be confirmation that the gift package was delivered to the recipient. If you ship to a business, be sure to include the business name in the shipping information.


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