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Terms & Conditions

Shipping & Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at ACBouquet. We understand that making sure your gift gets to its destination on time and in good condition is important to you. We have created our policy to help us achieve that goal and to help you understand how we ship our gifts.


We can ship to all 50 states with a variety of shipping methods and delivery times.  ACBouquet does NOT ship their products outside of the United States or Canada.  Until a gift has shipped, we are unable to guarantee specific times or dates of arrival regardless of the shipping method selected. Estimated shipping times do not include the time to process and create your gift and prepare it for shipping. The majority of our products ship within 1-3 business days M-F excluding Holidays.  If the customer wishes to expedite shipping, they are able to pay the "RUSH" fee to ensure that the order is shipped same day.  Once a gift has shipped, if our carrier does not meet a guaranteed delivery date, we will refund your premium shipping charge in full. Contact us to request a late delivery refund. We reserve the right to use the following Shipping Carriers:  UPS, USPS, FEDX



Our gift baskets are specially made when an order is received and it takes time to make the basket and prepare it for shipping. Orders received before 12:00 PM EST (noon) that are shipped express can generally be shipped out the same business day. This is our standard procedure and not a guarantee. Orders received after that time and on weekends or holidays are shipped the next business day. Although we place a high priority on getting your order shipped as soon as possible, please note we make no guarantees as large orders, peak holiday season (December 11-December 24), severe weather conditions or other circumstances may sometimes delay shipping.



During the warm summer months, due to the unfortunate melting point of chocolates, please make sure you order ice and insulation. Refunds are not given if chocolates are melted and purchaser opted NOT to purchase ice & insulation.  If ice & insulation were included with the package and the product is still melted, purchaser is entitled to a refund or replacement.


During the busy holiday season, many carriers suspend delivery guarantees from December 11 to December 24. Please adjust your shipping method if you have delivery time constraints.



Include the recipient’s name AND room number.  Verify recipient's check-out date before selecting your shipping option.  We suggest OVERNIGHT or 2ND DAY shipping to hospitals to ensure your package arrives prior to checkout.  ACBouquet cannot guarantee the hospital prompt delivery to the recipient. We can only guarantee delivery to the hospital receiving desk. It is up to their receiving department to deliver this package to the specific individual within their facility. Since our products are shipped in boxes (not open vases, like fresh flowers), some hospitals have the packages go through a security check (due to each hospital’s different shipping and receiving policies).  This sometimes delays the delivery to the recipient. If the package needs to be delivered to the recipient’s home, there will be an additional delivery charge.  Please check with the hospital to see about their security policies prior to placing your order.


HOTEL/MOTEL, COLLEGES,HOSPISES  and other such institutions:


Deliveries to institutions normally go to a general receiving department and then get routed to the recipient. It could take an extra day or two for your gift to reach the recipient. It is possible that the gift misses the recipient’s stay at the institution, is not properly forwarded to the recipient, or the institution refuses acceptance of the package. We are unable to guarantee these deliveries and no refunds will be given should you ship to these types of locations. We can only ensure that the gift package is delivered to the institution. If you do ship to one of these institutions, be sure to include the name of the institution in the shipping information.



Delivery times cannot be guaranteed when shipping to a school as each school has it's own shipping and receiving policies.  We will guarantee delivery to the school’s receiving desk only.  It is up to their department to deliver this package to the specified individual within their facility. Also, please remember that schools generally close between 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. and that UPS, FedEx & USPS have up until close of business day (5 pm) to deliver packages.


Sipping to businesses may cause delivery issues. Packages are normally delivered to a designated receiving dock or front desk area. It is up to the staff to accept and deliver the package to the recipient. In addition, a business may be closed, have restricted access, or the package may be lost or misplaced within the business. We will consider the shipping carrier’s delivery confirmation to the business to be confirmation that the gift package was delivered to the recipient. If you ship to a business, be sure to include the business name in the shipping information.



An important point to remember when shipping a food gift, is to be aware of any allergies, or dietary restrictions, of your gift recipient and of other people in their home.  We also sell Kosher gifts which have had  more stringent quality checks placed on their manufacturing process and ingredients. WARNING: While all manufacturers strive to ensure that only the actual ingredients listed on the label are included within the packaging it is impossible to ensure exactly that. If a company processes more than one product on their equipment, those items may include milk products, nuts, grains and fruit, there is no guarantee that traces of these products will not be found within the contents of this factory sealed item or within these bouquets.




ACBouquet agrees to ship the package via the customer-specified shipping method.

ACBouquet also agrees to ship per each shipping carrier’s rules and regulations and are bound to their policies. The shipping times are estimates, and are not guaranteed.  Once the package has been handed over to the shipping carrier, the carrier is responsible for the delivery of the package and any delivery time guarantees.  The carrier controls their actual delivery time and the decision whether your location is considered “safe’ or “appropriate” to leave a package. In the event that the carrier does not feel comfortable leaving the package, they will attempt delivery the next business day and leave a note for the recipient.  If no one is present to accept the delivery after three attempts, the package is deemed to be undeliverable. In this case, the carrier will return the package to our facility as undeliverable.  If a package is returned to us, the Refused Delivery return policy applies. We strongly advise that you send your the gifts to an address where the recipient will be available to receive the package.

If a customer chooses a guaranteed method of shipping such as overnight or 2nd day shipping but the package does not arrive on the guaranteed day, the customer will receive a full shipping refund, but not a refund on the product since ACBouquet did everything in its power to deliver the package as posted. Note: Not all shipping methods are guaranteed and. the shipping carriers reserve the right to suspend shipping guarantees during peak periods (typically December 11-December 24).

The carrier will indicate to us if a gift was ultimately “delivered.” If a shipping carrier indicates a package was “delivered” even if the recipient claims non-receipt, we will work with the shipping carrier to verify delivery was made, but we will not provide a refund credit unless the shipping carrier indicates non-delivery. We suggest that that you, or the recipient, contact the delivering carrier to verify where the parcel was left.

ACBouquet will not issue shipping refund if the package does not arrive due to inclement weather or circumstances out of our control. 





Your gift is carefully wrapped, padded and sturdily boxed for maximum durability during shipping travel.



At ACBouquet, we understand that the gifts that you purchase through us are more than just bouquets. They are symbols of your appreciation, love, happiness, sorrow, or success.  As such, we believe that it is essential that both you and your special recipient are satisfied with your purchase.  Above all else, your reasons for sending a gift basket are upper most in our minds, and we do our absolute best to fulfill your expectations. 

Customer MAY be eligible for a refund (full or partial) if one of the following events occur:

  1. Product is DAMAGED:  Customer must contact ACBouquet within 3 days upon receipt of order to be eligible for an exchange or refund.  Refunds will not be given until the damaged product has been returned to ACBouquet, or to the shipping company to verify damage.  Before returning a product to ACBouquet, the customer must notify the Customer Service Department at 1-509-332-3605 or via e-mail at and receive written approval (via email) of refund


  1. Package does not arrive at its specified destination, or is delivered to the wrong destination due to improper addressing of the package due to error of ACBouquet. Wrong Address: Please be certain of the shipping address you provide is correct for the recipient before ordering. Our shipping companies make every attempt possible to get all packages in a timely manner and will attempt on their own to locate a corrected address whether it is a missing apartment or suite number, different zip code or entirely new address. They usually will not contact us unless they are unable to obtain the correct information on their own or the recipient is not at the intended address (i.e. they have moved). For ANY large or small address correction, the shipping companies will automatically charge us $12-15 to make this correction, An address correction fee of $12.50 is billed to your charge card in these circumstances. If we find that it was our fault in sending to the wrong address we will not pass this charge to you.  If you are unsure of your gift recipient’s address we recommend you try or www.white, although this information may not be up to date if a person has recently moved.


  1. Returns Due to Dissatisfaction:  If purchaser received a package and is dissatisfied with it in any way and wishes to return it, the customer must contact ACBouquet within three (3) Business Days of receipt of the package.  Upon approval of the returns department, Customer may ship the package back (at customer's expense) for a refund (less the original shipping fees) PROVIDED that the product have not been opened or eaten.   Our Candy Bouquets are food products.  For quality assurance purposes, once they are opened, or tampered with in any way, we cannot re-stock them or re-use them. 


ACBouquet is NOT required to give a shipping refund if the customer put an incorrect shipping address on the package, or if the package arrives on the specified guaranteed day, but was unable to be delivered due to the following:

           1.    Recipient NOT at the specified address

           2.    Business Closed for the Holiday or Weekend

           3.    Recipient has already checked out of their Hotel, Motel, or Hospital Room

           4.    No one was at home at the time of delivery

           5.    Package was rejected by recipient

           6.    Package was rejected by Company or Personnel in charge of receiving said packages

           7.    Wrong Address was given by customer

           8.    Inclement weather prevents the shipment from arriving on time.




ACBouquet works hard to ensure the beauty and quality of the gift we are sending you. Based on season and availability, we reserve the right to make appropriate substitutions in containers or ingredients of equal or better value than those depicted on our web site. We will make every effort to supply products as represented on our website. Not all packaging, however, may look identical to the products photographed as packaging colors and shapes may change.  In addition, some photographs displayed are of particular sizes of the products, which you have not ordered. With this in mind, please be aware that a substitution or variance in flavor or packaging does not justify an item being returned at our expense, a discount, or refund of any kind.


 If for any reason other than damages or errors on the part of ACBouquet, a customer wants to return a gift, they may do so at their own expense plus an additional 20% restocking fee within 3 days of the gift being delivered.  Original shipping charges are not refundable.


If you have ideas of how we can improve our service to you or have any further questions regarding ACBouquet, Shipping or Refund Policies, please contact us at 1-509-332-3605 or via e-mail at


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