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Junior Mints® Candy Bouquet

Junior Mints® Candy Bouquet

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This candy bouquet is filled with an assortment of chocolate Tootsie Pops, boxes of fun sized boxes Junior Mints, and Andes Mints. Lollipops, mint and chocolate. It doesn't get any better! 

These edible arrangements are excellent For: 

  • Father's Day: What better way to let your dad, or anyone else you care about, know you care about them and what they've "mint" to you.
  • Baby Boy: Announce to Friends & Family The New "Junior" in your family with this candy bouquet! 
  • Thank You: Show them just how much they've "mint" to you Retirement: Tell them how much their many years of service to your company has "mint" to you and everyone around them for all these years. 
  • Graduation: For a job well done. Mouth Watering Candy Bouquets delivered for every occasion and holiday. 

Comes in a coordinating basket. Exact designs may vary.

4 Regular Sized Junior Mints®; 4 sprigs (3 per sprig) Tootsie Rolls; 12 Andes® mints. 
Total Candy Count: 28 pieces

6 Regular Sized Junior Mints®; 6 sprigs (3 per sprig) Tootsie Rolls®; 18 Andes® Mints. 
Total Candy Count: 42 pieces

9 Regular Sized Junior Mints®; 8 sprigs (3 per sprig) Tootsie Rolls®; 24 Andes®Mints. 
Total Candy Count: 57 pieces

Extra Large:
12 Regular Sized Jr. Mints; 10 sprigs (3 per sprig) Tootsie Rolls; 30 Andes Mints. 
Total Candy Count: 72 pieces

ICE AND INSULATION: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for destinations above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
REFUNDS: NO REFUNDS will be given if chocolate melts and this option is not chosen during the warm months.