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Chocoholic's Choice Candy Bouquet

Chocoholic's Choice Candy Bouquet

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Sometimes a person just has a one-track mind.  They have a favorite candy bar and they just can't get enough of it.  Now, you no longer have to be bothered with candy bouquet chocolate gifts that include all the other, less important candy bars.  Get the chocolate bar candy bouquets you want, in the amounts you want with our Chocoholic's Choice candy bouquets.

Comes in a coordinating basket. Exact design may vary. 


6 fun size bars

12 Bite size candy bars



12 Fun sized candy bars

18 Bite size candy bars



18 Fun sized candy bars

24 bite size candy bars



24 Fun sized candy bars

30 bite size candy bars



 12 Regular size candy bars

30 fun size candy bars

36 bite size candy bars


To avoid the chocolates in this product melting, please add ice and insulation to your purchase if it is being shipped to a destination where the temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.