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Big Hunk Candy Bouquet

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Hubba! Hubba! Hubba!!

This delicious candy bouquet lets the "hunk" in your life know how sweet you think he is.

Filled with Hershey® Chocolate Bars and Big Hunk® candy bars, this candy bouquet is sure to satisfy him (not to mention any Big Hunk Lover!).

Perfect for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, as an Anniversary Gift, Bachelor Party, or "just because".  Let your imagination be your guide when trying to find a reason for this candy bouquet in a basket.

6 Fun Sized Big Hunk
6 Bite-Sized Chocolate Hershey Bars
12 Tootsie Rolls (4 Sprigs).
Total Candy Count: 24 pieces.

12 Fun Sized Big Hunk
12 Bite-Sized Chocolate Hershey Bars
24 Tootsie Rolls (8 Sprigs)
Total Candy Count: 48 pieces.

18 Fun Sized Big Hunk
18 Bite-Sized Chocolate Hershey Bars
36 Tootsie Rolls (12 Sprigs)
Total Candy Count: 72 pieces

24 Fun Sized Big Hunk
24 Bite-Sized Chocolate Hershey Bars
54 Tootsie Rolls (18 Sprigs)
Total Candy Count: 102 pieces

To avoid the chocolates in this product melting, please add ice and insulation to your purchase if it is being shipped to a destination where the temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.