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Ghirardelli® Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet

Ghirardelli® Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet

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Birthdays come but once a year! So why not fill them with some cheer! This Birthday-themed candy bouquet gift basket is an excellent, yet memorable way to celebrate turning another year older. Stuffed with deliciously sweet Gourmet Ghirardelli® chocolate squares, your loved one will think of you time after time as they bite into each of the many delicious kinds of flavored gourmet chocolates.


12 Gourmet Chocolate Ghirardelli® Squares 


18 Gourmet Chocolate Ghirardelli® Squares


24 Gourmet Chocolate Ghirardelli® Squares


30 Gourmet Chocolate Ghirardelli® Squares

To avoid the chocolates in this product melting, please add ice and insulation to your purchase if it is being shipped to a destination where the temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.