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M&M Candy Bouquet

M&M Candy Bouquet

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Guaranteed to melt in your mouth, not in your hands, this M&Ms® chocolate candy bouquet arrangement is the perfect classic finger food.

Each candy bouquet comes with an equal number of packages of Peanut and Plain M&M's® creating a candy bouquet arrangement that will both thrill and excite it's recipient!

This Candy Bouquet is Excellent for:

  • Father's Day
  • M&Ms® Lover's
  • Love & Romance:  "You are such a sweetie!"
  • Birthdays
  • Children
  • Thank You: "It was 'sweet' of you to help out. Thanks!"
  • And Just About Any Occasion That Includes Candy!

This chocolate candy bouquet is sure to make them say "Mmmmmmm!!!!"

 Comes in a coordinating basket. Exact design may vary.



6  Fun sized Peanut M&M's

6 Fun sized Plain M&M's



12 Fun sized Peanut M&M's

12 Fun sized Plain M&M's



18 Fun sized Peanut M&M's

18 Fun sized Plain M&M's



24 Fun sized Peanut M&M's

24 Fun sied Plain M&M's



30 Fun sized Peanut M&M's

30 Fun sized Plain M&M's


Sugar Shock:

45 Fun sized Peanut M&M's

45 Fun sized Plain M&M's